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Geometry Lite

Geometry Dash

Don’t miss out on Geometry Lite if you love the catchy game Geometry Dash! Lead the character through a variety of obstacles and get to the finish line!

Show off your superb timing skills and lightning-fast reflexes with Geometry Lite, a fan-made game based on the extremely popular rhythm-based title Geometry Dash! Become a tiny character with only one action, which is hopping three times its height, and utilize it to get past a series of obstacles. From simple levels to difficult ones with almost no room for error, be prepared to face different challenges with gradual difficulty!

Just like in the original game, in Geometry Lite, players control the character with one single button, which is either the spacebar or the left mouse button. In all levels, the main objective is to lead the character to the end without coming into contact with any obstacles. This includes walls, spikes, or basically anything that looks suspicious enough. If you are unsure, don’t worry about bumping into them, since the worst that can happen is playing the level from the beginning, and you probably have done that plenty of times already!

Game Modes

There are two modes available for each level:

  • Normal Mode: The character needs to reach the end of the level without colliding with anything; otherwise, the level’s progress resets.
  • Practice Mode: The game places checkpoints regularly as you progress through a level, or you can also place them yourself. Whenever you crash into something, you will start again at the closest checkpoint. Unfortunately, the super catchy song for each level doesn’t play in this mode.

In addition, each level contains three secret coins that are placed in various hard-to-reach places, so try to collect them once you are confident in your skill!

History of the Original Geometry Dash

Despite reaching its peak popularity back in 2014, the Original Geometry Dash has been around for a bit longer, beginning with the pre-release version back in 2013. It has since come a long way, with a variety of exciting features each time a new update comes out. Find out more about every version and its new features in this comprehensive list below!

Prototype Version: Geometry Jump (April 2013)

Geometry Dash first appeared in the form of Geometry Jump, which featured a level named “Ultiate Destruction”. In this level, players can see the familiar mechanics and simple animation style of the first few levels. The name of it is based on the song “Ultimate Destruction”, though it is unclear whether the typo is by mistake or on purpose.

Unfortunately, this level never made it to the official version due to copyright issues with the creator of the song. Instead, it was remade into the fifth level of Geometry Dash, titled “Base After Base”.

Version 1.0 (August 2013)

This is the first version that was released to the public under the name “Geometry Dash.” It contained the first seven levels (from Stereo Madness to Jumper), whose names are based on their soundtracks. These levels had very simple objects and animations.

Version 1.1 (September 2013)

This update featured a new level, Time Machine, along with additional mechanics such as the Mirror Portals. In addition, Geometry Dash Lite was published with only the first level of the full game.

Version 1.2 (October 2013)

The ninth level, Cycles, was added to the game with this update, along with the Ball form of the character. Back On Track was also included in the “lite” version of the game.

Version 1.3 (November 2013)

The third major update of Geometry Dash included a series of features:

  • A new level titled xStep with additional flashy effects and level details.
  • A leaderboard system.
  • The Star Rating System for Community levels that satisfy certain requirements from RobTop.
  • Polargeist was added to Geometry Dash Lite.

Version 1.4 (December 2013)

In this version, Clutterfunk was added to the list as the 11th level, along with unique gimmicks such as Size Portals and level details. Dry Out was also added to the “lite” version.

Version 1.5 (January 2014)

This version introduces a new level, titled Theory of Everything. Demon difficulty ratings were also available for Community levels.

Version 1.6 (March 2014)

Not one, but two levels were added in this update: Electroman Adventures and Clubstep, the latter of which is the first official Demon level! Better yet, three secret coins were included in each and every level. Base After Base was added to Geometry Dash Lite.

Version 1.7 (May 2014)

A new level, Electrodynamix, was included with this update, along with dazzling animations and effects. Various speed modes were also added, which became the foundation for the later custom levels.

Version 1.8 (August 2014)

Hexagon Force was the 16th level to be added to the game. In this level, Dual Portals first appeared, along with sloped blocks. The character’s movement was no longer restricted to flat surfaces.

Version 1.9 (November 2014)

Blast Processing and Theory of Everything 2 were the latest levels to be included in this version. The character had a new Wave form.

Version 2.0 (August 2015)

After almost a year, the grand version 2.0 was made available to players. Below are notable features from this update:

  • Two new levels were added: Geometrical Dominator and Deadlocked, the latter of which had a Demon difficulty level.
  • New Robot character form.
  • New Teleport Portal.
  • Tons of customization in Community levels, such as new blocks and spikes, key reactions, and simplified block-moving.
  • User coins for Community levels were introduced.
  • A Secret Vault.

Version 2.1 (January 2017)

This is the 11th official update for the game. A new level, Fingerdash, was added along with the Spider form of the character. In addition, daily rewards and levels, two new vaults, and tons of features for Community levels were included in this version.

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